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Fresh Out of the Box w/ Stretch Armstrong  (April 20th 2018)

Fresh Out of the Box w/ Deadly Hunta  (3rd November 2017)

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In February 2013, Reggae Rajahs launched the Pressure Drop radio show on Radio79.com. After completing 50 episodes,  the show moved to boxout.fm, an online radio community founded by Reggae Rajahs founding member DJ Mo City. Diggy Dang took over as the main host of  Pressure Drop, and since April 2017 broadcasts a live episode every Friday afternoon. Pressure Drop has now become the longest running reggae/dancehall radio show in India.
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All previous shows also available on Reggae Rajahs & Diggy Dang mixcloud

Fresh out of the box

As a resident radio host on boxout.fm, Diggy also hosts a show called Fresh Out  of the Box, where he interviews artists, DJs and Musicians. Since 2017, Diggy has interviewed legendary hip hop radio DJ Stretch Armstrong, Bhangramuffin pioneer Apache Indian, and many more.
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